Role: Concept, Copywriting
Hyper Island Student Project

Ikea came to us looking for its costumers to feel more related to the its brand and to embrace the new possibilities of the modern kitchen.

One of our main insights was that a kitchen is no longer just a kitchen. For a lot of us, a kitchen has become our lounge, our drugstore, our beauty department, our concert hall.

We decided to focus on those extra elements, those little things, the unusual things that we store in a kitchen. Camera films, snus cans, remote controls, insulin syringes, you name it. We wanted to expose the stories behind these quirky nonperishables, The Uncooked Stories. The goal of the concept was to gather all of them in an online recipe platform with no actual recipes, just personal stories.

The stories would be shared under the hashtag #uncookedstories through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We thought of the basic elements of a kitchen as the recurrent stages for the different plots. A refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher. The familiar elements, even in the most unfamiliar of kitchens.

The stories would be used as a part of the IKEA catalog where most of the pages would be composed by the images and stories shared by the customers, enabling them to become the protagonists of future campaigns.